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Dear New Mom of 2,

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Dear New Mom of 2,

“With every emotion and experience both joyous and difficult one thing rings true.

This too shall pass.

May the blessings pass slowly and the hardships pass quickly.”


10 things I know for sure…

In Lessons Learned on September 20, 2010 at 5:15 pm

1. God is real and is good.

2. Happiness is a choice.

3. Life is short.

4. Worrying is worthless.

5. Children are gifts from God.

6. Hold on to sweet memories, let go of bad ones.

7. There is beauty is everything.

8. Love with your whole heart.

9. Listen to that little whisper you hear in your heart.

10. Never stop learning and growing.

26 before 27

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1. Keep Blogging

2. Create a {10 things I know for sure} list

3. Create monthly goals aimed at growing as a person

4. Complete the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

5. Go on vacation-  Family Cruise & Anniversary Weekend to Florida

6. Make a Christmas Quilt- Halfway done

7. Pick Pumpkins We went to several pumpkin patches!

8. Visit the Zoo We went to Louisville Zoo in the early Spring on a nice warm day!

9. Make a DVD of all of Clay’s videos

10.  Get a tattoo (Im allowed to do this now because I am married! inside joke) Bluebird & Nest Tattoo from Stu at Bleed Blue! ❤

11. Go to King’s Island with my Hubby (I’ve been wishing for this for 3 summers now)- Ollie’s back  went all crazy on him so we avoided rollercoasters this year

12. Plan and throw an awesome 2nd B-Day for Clay  Yo Gabba Gabba at Gymboree!

13. Find a deep love for cleaning house…(this is a joke…and that’s why it is #13!)

14. Paint a picture Canvas hanging in the office of our new house!

15. Mail out fun photo Christmas Cards Done!

16. Cook dinner more often. Attempted!

17. Complete the Insanity workout plan with my hubby…

18. Take Clay to see the Elephants at Triangle Park for the second year in a row!– They didn’t have them at the park because of renovations but we did take him to the circus!

19. Take Clay to see Santa He loved him!

20. Make time for a date night with my Hubby at least once a month – Found our babysitter! Hannah! She is great with Clay and he LOVES her!


21. Make a handprint ornament of Clay’s hand- Done! Gave them as gifts to the grandparens!

22. Snorkel On cruise at Half Moon Cay and in Florida with Ollie

23. Paint a wall

24. Find a sewing machine table Got one from my parents house!

25. Redo a piece of furniture

26. Start a collection of BluebirdsDone! and my friends started bringing me stuff with Blue Birds too! ❤

There you have it! My 26 before 27 list! Totally do-able! Can’t wait to get started!!!